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Knee Arthroscopy Surgeon in Pune

Knee Arthroscopy is a surgery that uses a small camera to look inside your knee. Small cuts are made to insert the camera , our Knee Arthroscopy Surgeon in Pune ads small surgical tools into your knee for the procedure. Knee Arthroscopy can be performed for:

  • Removal or repair of torn meniscal cartilage

  • Reconstruction of a torn anterior cruciate ligament

  • Trimming of torn pieces of articular cartilage

  • Removal of loose fragments of bone or cartilage

  • Removal of inflamed synovial tissue

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What is Bone Infection?

Bone infections leading to Non Union is one of the most challenging orthopaedic complications . There is considerable morbidity associated with infected nonunion. There is significant impact on the life of the patient; socially, financially, physically, and mentally.

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